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Pursuing ASV, The Very Essence Of The Ajinomoto Group’s Business Activities

The Ajinomoto Group was founded on the aspiration of contributing to the world’s food and wellness, and to better lives for the future. Since 1909 when Professor Ikeda identified glutamic acid, an amino acid found in kombu and named this taste “umami” and gave Entrepreneur Saburosuke Suzuki II the patent to manufacture and market the umami seasoning AJI-NO-MOTO®; the Ajinomoto Group has continued the work of contributing to healthy lifestyles worldwide by providing products that make food more delicious and nutritious; through a wide range of business portfolio focused on Food and Amino Science. In the process, it has also of course, created economic value

What is ASV? It is (Ajinomoto Group Creating Shared Value). This is the strategic efforts linked to the creation of economic value and growth by contributing to the resolution of social issues through the businesses the Ajinomoto Group has been conducting since its establishment to create value together with society and local communities.

As a company that centers its business on food and healthcare; the Ajinomoto Group has identified global sustainability, securing food resources, and healthy living as the three material issues facing 21st-century human society that it has a responsibility to address through its business. The Group sets out actions to tackle these issues with the unique business specialties of food and amino acids and, in the process, to create social and economic value that accelerates business growth.

By continuing to offer the kind of innovations that only the Ajinomoto Group can, the Group seeks to provide significant social and environmental value, which is the goal of the “Ajinomoto Group Creating Shared Value” initiative. The Group believes that aggressively advancing ASV is the key to realizing its goal of becoming a “Genuine Global Specialty Company,” delivering on our Ajinomoto Group Philosophy

Since we work in this very important sector that is closely related to life itself with our products widely used around the world, we have a great responsibility to make people’s lives better hence we need to reinforce our daily activity and realize how important our individual tasks contributes to the global meaning of what we do as a group.

ASV is all about helping to solve social problems through our AJINOMOTO Group Businesses and this is what we work for. Let us keep living up to the philosophy of our founders.

You can find more about ASV from the Ajinomoto Group Integrated Report.

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