In our drive to expand growth in the business and satisfy our esteemed customers, WASCO unveils another variety of MaDish® Umami Mixed Seasoning product – Stock fish & Smoked fish into the Nigerian market on Monday 14th November, 2016.

According to Mr. Ken Kobayashi head of WASCO R&D; “when we categorize the Nigerian meal, we have rice, soups and stew. Already we lunched MaDish® Curry & Chicken flavour and to satisfy the other essence of Nigerian meals (soup) the R&D Team developed MaDish® Stock fish & Smoked fish.

WASCO products under the brand of MaDish® have characteristic of 2 flavours in one sachet.  This time, MaDish® Stock Fish & Smoked Fish gives dishes aromas of stock fish and smoked fish together with appropriate Umami, saltiness and spices.

We can use this product for all kinds of soup such as Egusi soup, vegetable, Okra soup etc.

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